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Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Wooden Boat

Hamsi - 1:40 AM
Wooden Boat                                                                                                                                                                      
This wooden boat was my very first painting with Miss Paolo, my painting teacher . It looks really realistic. I have put my whole effort to complete this. Let me teach you how to create this.

I first used a pencil and lightly drew the land. I had to make a hill looking shape at the left side, continued, a line as straight as possible. (Tip: without any rulers.) 

Secondly, the water and the mountain. The water again needs a line without rulers, as for the mountain
try to make it look real.

Thirdly, the wooden boat. Its easy. You simply can just have a look at my boat and draw. Also add the scarf. It is in the tip of the boat.     

Now, paint the mountain green. Use a brush good for plants and paint it yellow.
( Tip: use the brush like poking a baby lightly.)

As for the water, use green, blue and little yellow. Do one stroke of a color and one stroke of another.
Next, paint the boat's border. Its sand looking color. Add little orange.

Now the sand. Paint the sand looking color and yellow in the same way to do the water.

Next , the sky. The same water stroke but using blue and purple.

Then, using the same sand looking color do painting for the pole of the boat.

Last but not least, add some shadows for details and a rope from the boat to the sand. 

Lastly, show it to your friends and enjoy their face expressions! 



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