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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Hamsi - 2:15 AM
Rain forest

I first started from trees,drawing them on thick paper was a tough job. I also drew a chopped tree. I pasted animals from old magazines and books. I also covered them with stripes of green colored tissue and decorated them. Then I used a fine paint brush and made long lines which looked like grasses, used dry painting which refers to dry for a savanna .painting the trees were hard but I put brown and sometimes added a bit of white.I used brown sketch to trace them. Making the butterflies were the most easiest thing of all.What I had to do was to draw lots of butterflies on a blue colored paper and smaller butterflies on pink papers on paste the pink ones on top of the blue ones. I also made leaves on the same sizes and pasted them. As for an extra detail I used dark green sketch trace places in trees where I couldn't offer leaves. That is how this spectacular picture is made.   

Art by,
C Krisnujith


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