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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Underwater World

Hamsi - 12:00 AM
Underwater World
Steps I followed:
  1. First I made star fishes and shells out of colored paper. I drew star fish in an orange colored paper, cut it and gave a shinning coat with gold colored shinning sketch. I followed the origami method for fan in a small square red colored paper and gave two folds to take the form of shell. I then did two more star fishes with green and light orange color paper.
  2. Now in my A4 size drawing paper I started for uneven blue coloring for water and then colored with green shades for grasses lightly so that it looks like it is from underwater. I included giving yellowish green touch in midst to show the variation in aquatic plants.
  3. I made some paper fishes and gave golden shinning coat to indiacate gold fish.
  4. I drew some fishes in blue also.
  5. I gave yellow touch in water to indicate the sun rays on water. Finally I introduced the diver which I drew in a paper and colored with crayons and cut exactly to paste it in the corner so that it is seen as he peeps out the underwater world.
Hope I gave a clear narration of my work and my art portrays underwater world.


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